Why We Serve

ASL strives to meet people where they are. It is our belief that until immediate needs are met, people cannot be taught how to move beyond life’s many hurdles. It is also our belief that people have an innate yearning to better themselves and to prosper. ASL believes the Chinese Proverb, “If we give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If we teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.” Self-sufficiency, thoughtfulness of others and managing life’s situations are a few of the skills taught through ASL’s programs. In our own way, we aspire to break the cycle of “Entitlement and Dependency.” Our efforts aim to empower individuals and families and encourage a spirit of ‘Paying It Forward.

Our Inspiration

Our name (A Servant’s Love) signifies the essence of who we are and what we do. We are first and foremost, servants of God! We are inspired by our love of people and our desire to support our communities.

To learn more about hosting a donation drive… nonperishable food items, toiletries, and/or household items, click here.

Working with you guys this year in putting the Holiday boxes together was by far the best Christmas gift I received. When I arrived at 3pm Friday, I saw a big room filled with lots of different boxes, pallets and food everywhere. To be quite honest, I was thinking to myself that there was no way these families in need were going to pick up this stuff Saturday morning. We all got to work and when we walked out of that room Friday night at 9pm, I was literally astonished. There on forty two tables, each representing a family, sat multiple boxes filled with food, love and prayer. Saturday was the best part as we were able to be a part of the distribution. The smiles and tears of the recipients was priceless. Thank you for what you do for our community.

—Lynn Robbins