Senior Nutrition & Wellness Program

ASL has cultivated and developed strong community partners whose missions align well with ours. These community partners provide a myriad of support to the organization. Some examples include:  Hosting food drives, serving as food distribution centers, and providing in-kind donations, volunteers, and monetary support via small grants. This large collaborative effort with local churches, businesses, community centers, and many others, allows SNWP to successfully provide a level of food security to more than 200 income-challenged senior citizens every month. 

Each month program participants receive upwards of 30 to 40 lbs. of nutritious foods with an average value of $50 - $75. This includes non-perishables, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, to help supplement their pantries. Paper products are provided as an added bonus, along with simple recipes and educational information pertaining to health, nutrition and other areas that may assist seniors in maintaining their independence. Meats and fresh eggs are given when available. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions and soaps are sometimes extra gifts as well. SNWP consists of 11 volunteer distribution sites located throughout Mobile County. Each site has a specific number of seniors. Every month, Site Reps pick up food boxes and take them to their site for participant distribution. The sites are conveniently located, ensuring full participation for seniors and their families.

A local church has donated space as a distribution hub for the entire life of the program. Through a wonderful network of volunteers, including children as young as 3 years old and adults as mature as 93 years of age, food is sorted, packaged and distributed with love and care. ASL conveys a sense of responsibility to our community by breaking down cardboard used in our programs and taking it to our local recycling center. Senior participants also pitch in by recycling their clean boxes back to their Site Reps to be reused. Volunteers are encouraged to make a difference in their community. For our parent volunteers, the goal is to provide a volunteer opportunity where children are welcomed and encouraged to participate and are taught the importance of helping others. ASL welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities.

Several characteristics set SNWP apart from other food programs in the community: 

  1. It is the only program in Mobile County that only serves income-challenged senior citizens 60 years and older; 
  2. Distributions are not limited to a certain number of times per year, they occur every month; 
  3. Distribution sites are in locations convenient to participants; 
  4. The program is open to all communities in Mobile County; 
  5. The program strives for quality over quantity, providing participants with much needed food that contributes to the enhancement of their quality of life through its nutritional value;  
  6. Seniors are treated with a helping hand, not a hand out.

The Senior Nutrition & Wellness Program has received high praise and recognition from volunteer Site Representatives, participants and their family members. All have spoken about the benefits of the program to the Seniors, the special care that's felt, and the quality of what's given. Volunteers show their appreciation and recognition through continued volunteerism, in-kind donations, and financial contributions. Schools have held donation drives, businesses have donated products, several in-kind donations have been awarded, and some corporations have pledged unrestricted dollars after their employees volunteer a certain number of hours. This type of community support is what helps make this program successful.  

Adopt-A-Senior Nutrition & Wellness Program

Provide a monthly reoccurring or one time donation to help ASL provide healthy, nutritious foods and other supplies to income-challenged Seniors in our community.

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